My Security Policy

With much press coverage about credit card fraud and the inevitable worries when shopping with a web site that is new to you it is no wonder why people are still concerned about parting with their personal information online. At we have adopted what we think to be the safest process for you to enjoy shopping at the web site. All credit card transactions, that's those from the web site and if you phone up to place an order, are processed by PayPal an independant company using the latest secure servers.

For transactions on the website I do not see any of your financial details they are all handled by the PayPal secure server, I just recieve a notification of your payment and what to send by e mail.

For credit card details given to me over the phone these are entered into PayPal's Virtual Terminal and PayPal handle the transaction on their secure server. Any paper record taken down from the phone will be destroyed by shredding as soon as confirmation of the transaction is received back.

I do not store beyond the completion of our transaction or make lists of your e mail details and at no time will e mail details be passed to anyone else.

Peter Denyer