Red Top Ravenhead Kilner Jars


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The Red (sometimes Orange, Brown or White) topped jars manufactured by The Ravenhead Company and sold under the Kilner brand is identified by the glass lid fitting inside the neck of the jar and the traditional metal screw ring being replaced with a red, orange or brown plastic unit.
These jars were made in 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5l sizes.
These jars were made between 1978 and the late 1990's

the rubber sealing ring measures 73mm id and 82mm od or 2 7/8 inches id and 3 1/4 inches od.

New rubber sealing rings are sold in units of 10 for £12.90 with a postage cost of £1.35 for up to 4 units.

Replacement genuine Ravenhead/Kilner red /orange screw bands £4.20 each. P & P for 1, £4.15 additional lids to the same address £0.00 each

Replacement genuine Ravenhead/Kilner Glass lids fully marked £7.00 each. P & P for 1, £2.45 additional lids to the same address £0.50 each

If you only use your jars for dry storage not preserving.
Glass lid WITH SMALL CHIP ON SEALING SURFACE £3.00 Postage £1.85 additional lids to the same address £0.50.

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