Clip top jar seals


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These are seals to fit the new clip top jars of various makes these seals are fitted with a grip tag on the outer diameter. Please check your jars or your old rings to see if these are the correct size for the jars you have.They are made to fit Kilner 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0l jars but will fit other jars with the same size neck.Also large seals for 3.0l and small seals for 0.125l jars

Orange rubber seals 96mm OD 68mmID with tag.Pack of 6 seals Kilner brand, £4.20 P & P £1.80 plus £0.50 per extra unit

Orange rubber seals for 3.0lit Kilner jars size approx 8.5cm ID and 11cm OD with tag 6 seals Kilner brand £4.72 plus £1.80 P & P Extra packs £0.50 per extra pack

Orange rubber seals 80mm OD 61mmID with tag.For small.125l jars. Pack of 6 seals Kilner brand, £4.10 P & P £1.80 plus £0.50 per extra unit

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